Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Hostess Workshops

Hi! I have received some great feedback on the Happy Hostess Workshops! I have several of you who are interested, but are concerned about having to bring 5 people.

Let me explain my initial intent.... I was hoping it would work to your benefit, as you would be sure to make at least the $150 to receive hostess benefits with each of the 5 only having to spend roughly $30.

With your feedback (I really DO love feedback ladies, so don't ever be shy!!!), I have decided to eliminate the minimum number of attendees. Bring whoever you want! If at all possible, I would like there to be no more than 10 guests per hostess A and 10 guests per hostess B so that we could maintain a manageable workshop.

Here is the updated information:

Location: Pleasant Grove UMC Fellowship Hall.
Cost: FREE (donations to PGUMC welcome).

  • Just like in-home workshops, but hostesses won't have to make snacks OR clean the house!
  • 4 hostess slots each month. Hostesses sign up bring a maximum of 10 people.
  • Walk-ins welcomed (PRIOR to the start of the workshop). Assigned to established hostess groups.
  • 2 hostess groups meet at same time (hostess group A and hostess group B).
  • Participants each take home a scrapbooking make and take, a card make and take, and Big Shot item.
  • Light refreshments available.
  • Each hostess earns all hostess benefits from orders received from guests in own hostess group (A or B respectively).
  • 10% of my profit will go to Pleasant Grove UMC.

Here are the available dates. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in being a hostess!! I need to arrange the 4 hostesses for June soon!!

  • 06/05/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 06/15/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 07/17/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 07/20/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 08/14/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 08/17/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 09/25/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 09/28/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 10/16/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 10/19/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 11/06/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 11/09/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 12/07/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm
  • 12/14/2009 Happy Hostess 7-9 pm

Click this LINK for a great worksheet to help you think about who you would like to invite! After you sign up, you will receive a hostess packet that includes materials to assist you with taking outside orders (if you wish to do so) to boost your workshop sales!

Thanks for stopping by... and have a happy day!!

Katie Burke
Inspire. Create. Share.

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