Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy's Dreams - Session One!

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!  Daddy's Dreams was a complete success thanks to donations from generous individuals and companies, as well as a village of volunteers comprised of family, dear friends, church members, and total (used to be) strangers. 

The photos below are from our Saturday Cutting and Sewing Session at Pleasant Grove UMC.  FYI - You won't see pictured Janis Moore because she came in the night before to help during the Cutting Session.

Nell Oates and Jamie Hay (AKA Hay and Oates).

Sande Lowis - Our Big Shot Diva!

Pat Weaver and granddaughter, Aspen. 

Tammy Baldwin and my mom, Lynne Carter.

Tammy Baldwin.

Sue Thompson.

Lynne Carter.

It was made evident to an exhausted daughter of mine, Kelsie Burke, that the donation from The Minky Boutique is not only soft blanketed goodness, but also REALLY comfortable.

Aspen helped iron and cut fabric.

Georgia Ray.

Sue Thompson and Tammy Baldwin.

Georgia Ray.

Pat Weaver and Sande Lowis.

Katie Burke, Nell Oates, and Jamie Hay.

Lynne Carter and Tammy Baldwin.

Our cleanup crew (and BOY did they have a job afterwards!!!), my husband and son, Wes and Colby Burke, with my mom, Lynne Carter.

My future sister-in-law, Heather McCondichie, and sister, Carrie Nuckolls.

Georgia Ray and Sue Thompson.

Hard-working cousins (Rowan Carter, Gracie Nuckolls, and Kelsie Burke) with new friend, Aspen.

Lynne Carter, Katie Burke, and Nell Oates.

Patricia Crawford, our official photographer!!

Yes, it's me - frizzy-headed from the rain/humidity (and perpetual oscillating fan blowing the back of my very grateful head) and make-up long gone from itchy eyes, but in my smile I hope you can see that I am thankful - thankful because I was blessed by an amazing group of women (and a couple of handsome guys) who helped me fulfill my dream... Daddy's Dreams!  I love each and every one of you for who you are and what you helped to accomplish this weekend.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Who's ready for session two???  We have pre-cut fabrics for a couple of quilts and lots more fabric to work with.  Would love to double the number of volunteers next time and bless twice as many people in need of comfort.  Be looking for the announcement on the next date!  I will announce it here on my website/blog.

Look for my next post!!  It will contain photos of the quilts we created!

Katie Burke
Stampin' Up!® Independent Demonstrator
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