Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy's Dreams - Session One Creations

Sunday morning, 08/15/2010, the creations from Session One of Daddy's Dreams were blessed by the entire congregation of Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, including visiting volunteers who came just for the occasion.  It was our prayer that the blankets provide comfort and healing to those who receive them and that they know that they are loved.

Sailboat "Rag" Quilt, Garden-themed "Rag" Quilt, and Fireworks "Rag" Quilt.  The 2 quilts on the outside had been "tossed" in the dryer, but not laundered yet.  Once laundered, all of the exposed edges will be frayed, soft, and fluffy - and oh so cuddly!!! 

Sailboat Quilt.

Garden Themed Quilt.

Fireworks Quilt.

My sister, Carrie Nuckolls, made these crocheted lovelies.

Look for future posts outlining where these Daddy's Dreams creations find a new home.  They are already promised and I am very excited!!  Please join us for the next session, 10/09/2010!!  I would really love to double the volunteers and double the number of creations to share with those who need comfort.

Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who played any part at all in making this possible.  Have a blessed day!

Katie Burke Inspire. Create. Share.

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