Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 Goals - ORGANIZE MORE: Phase 1 - Organize Paperwork

When I decided to make goal #3 to organize more, there was NO question where I wanted (ummm... NEEDED) to start - my office! 

You can read all about it in my post HERE

I decided to start my organizing by tackling paperwork.... LOTS of paperwork.  I love the Fellowes W-6C Paper Shredder!! 

I have to recommend this shredder wholeheartedly.  We have shred bags and bags and bags of papers without it jamming at all.  It cuts multiple sheets at a time and even cuts credit cards.  I have had it overheat a couple of times, but it is not intended to be an "industrial strength" shredder like I have been using it.  Once we get all of the backlog of paperwork shred, it will be as simple as shredding papers as they become irrelevant.

It is amazing how much paperwork you accumulate over 16 years of marriage.  What a liberating experience to be free of all those piles of paper!  I am in the process of setting up a bill paying binder, a filing box for each of the kids special "stuff," and a single filing box for our taxes and must-save documents.  I will be sharing those with you soon as well. 

The best part is that the ratty, broken filing cabinet is empty and I got several boxes emptied out of my office.... YAY!!!

Have a Blessed Day!

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Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Hi Katie!
WooHoo! What a start!
It's going to be fantastic when you are done- that's a nice room with a lot of space!
I have found that those of us that are creative usually have more piles and more stuff to go through than those who are born organized :)
I use my shredded paper for packing for shipping, so it gets recycled, and I have an incentive to shred when I need to mail something.
Thank you for coming over to the Purge Party :)
To answer your question about the code for the button, there is a button with code at the top right of my blog (it's the second button down).
I pray you have a wonderfully blessed day, making your home! Come back and let us see your progress?

Katie Burke - Bella B Designs said...

Hi, Leslie! What a start... what a feeling!! :o) I intend to save a bag of shred for packing, but there was SO MUCH of it, I am going to see about taking the rest of it to be recycled. CLUTTER BE GONE!

I found the code for the button. I had not copied the entire thing so it wasn't posting right. I have it on the post now.

Thanks again for hosting the link party and I have bookmarked you so I can follow you regularly! Give me a shout if I miss a party!

Katie Burke

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, stopping by for the Purge Party. I'm glad you're tackling your paperwork. To me, that is one of the hardest to keep organized. I would so love to see what you do with the bill binder, and filing boxes. I'm in the process of updating mine.

Enjoy your day.
Much love!

Paula Montalvo said...

Great Start! I know from cleaning my own office recently,that the task is sometime daunting. Keep it up!! Visiting from Leslie's purge party. Blessings <3 Paula

Katie Burke - Bella B Designs said...

Hi, Marcia and Paula! Thanks for stopping by! Believe it or not, that is "organized chaos" in that junky picture of my office. I don't have any storage as the room is intended to be a formal dining room so I had resorted to using Rubbermaid tubs for storing everything. Now my tubs overfloweth! Next stop on the organizing path will be 3 huge boxes of "kid stuff" that has been accumulated since they kiddos started school. I will be sure to post my filing system for that as soon as I tackle it. Hugs!

Katie Burke - Bella B Designs said...

*the* kiddos... :o)

Leslie said...

Hi again, just wanted to tell you a thought I had:
Purging may not be the most popular subject, but I think you'd agree, that the freedom we find when we hold our hand open to receive and release blessings is worth more than anything this world has to cling to...

Katie Burke - Bella B Designs said...

Leslie, you are so right! I am already planning to split my "castoffs" between the Habitat ReStore and the Salvation Army so that they be used to bless someone else.

Leslie said...

Wonderful!! :)

Suzanne said...

Hooray for shredding & organizing! It's such a wonderful feeling of relief. I've been hosting a decluttering challenge on my blog this month. You might find it useful.

Ruby said...

Looks like a lot of work indeed! Starting with the papers is a good start already, especially if they are all over the corners, or scattered just about everywhere. A heavy duty paper shredder will be a great tool if you are always going to get rid of papers as many as these. We can avoid intense shredding by doing it regularly, once a month will do.

Ruby Badcoe @Williams Data Management

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